India’s Cyber Security, An Overview

Nearly 500+ million Indians use internet today according to the current data. They use it from different devices. So assuring the security of their usage is a big question mark now. Are they really secured? Here the importance comes for the Cyber Security department of India. Let’s start with a small example with the shares of Apple in U.S and India. In the case of U.S, the total shares of Apple are near 44%, where as in India, it accounts only 1%. Why a fastest growing economy has a poor difference like this? This is a part of cyber security. Let see how,

Considering the cheapest phone in India and a high-end phone like Apple iPhone, the security offer differences makes impossible to set legal and technological standards for data protection. So the efficiency of security must be upgraded as soon as possible. In the future, the importance of cyber security cannot keep aside while technology increases. Facilities like, Adhar, Bank Accounts etc. are some of the major areas where cyber security need first preference. For such an efficient cyber security in India, there need experts who are highly qualified. In the present scenario, there are no such extra ordinary experts in the government sector or intelligence sector or in defense sector to resist the cyber-crime or related issues. To implement such a security agency, ministry of defense, home, external affairs should take a part of the policy for the best output.

               Creating a National Cyber Security Agency may resolve the issues up to some limit if the above aspects are considered in the right manner. India in the present day needs well-equipped technical experts against cyber-attacks. Currently India has top layers of agencies such as National Technical Research Org (NTRO), National Intelligence Grid (NIG), and National Info Board (NIB). But still, need of a special cyber security agency may be necessary as the uses of internet has increasing day by day.


2 thoughts on “India’s Cyber Security, An Overview

  1. Kelvin Benny says:

    analysis good
    but currently India has CERT for cyber security but still we are behind our neighbours and a target for hackers
    it has implications in areas like Banking which is evident from SBI card issue
    similarly India has to protect it military cyber section as hacking can cause much damage during emergency moments
    India which has a good share of talent pool in ICT if use their talent can surely protect her Cyber space from malicious ploys of Internal and external enemies

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