Here some of my favorite quotes from Bhagavath Gita. Please try to read Gita at least once. Soon you will find what it says and also u can feel how it relief your problems what ever it may be (mainly stress relief, improving confidence ect) . Try to include ‘reading Gita’ in your daily schedule (to be frank almost all days I use to read it at least for 15 minutes). You will see the magic once you go through it… Soon I will be sharing quotes from Different sources such as Bible, Quran and other inspirational books. Please know the value of these books. However I know you will not spend a minute for this. I just shared my experience and what I gained from this is cannot be explained. But I can feel it. There is a Chapter called ‘Sankhya Yoga’. It is the second chapter of Gita.  In that chapter, there are a lot to learn which can be very useful  in our day to day life. So Again requesting, please go through these kind of books. Feel it once. It will be a turning point in our life. Its for sure. Thank you Friends!






6 thoughts on “GITA QUOTES (MALAYALAM)

  1. Bhavyashree says:

    Bhagavad-Gita is the spiritual holy book of Hindus,it has got its own richness of inspiration, confidence, simplicity ,moral and many more, so I would like to thank you for reminding us about the great thoughts said by Lord Krishna.hope we ll implement such impulsive thoughts and follow in our life.

    Thank you

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  2. Kelvin benny says:

    These are words blending realities in human life with spirituality i think geeta shows both spiritual and philosophical heritage of India also i think there is a quote which stresses on tolerance and freedom of belief in geeta( so Indian secularism is not a new think its heritage and culture of India) very good for raising out such quotes through a blog let it be light to people who are hopeless

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