On the way from Bangalore to Kerala, I was sitting in the bus with my mobile phone in hand; to avoid boring moments, typed for health tips , scroll down for an interesting  stuffs and got one. It was about tips for purchasing soap and obviously found some important things in which we should be careful while purchasing. Let me share those particular portions;

              Often we go to market and buy soap with a consideration of low price, offers, famous brand category etc. But there are more to consider. Due to lack of time, we will not spend much time for checking and reading the ingredients details.But now I really came to know something important after glancing the pages.

              There is a term called TFM (Total Fatty Matter) can be seen on the cover of each Soap. Most of us are unaware about this TFM, and let me tell you friends, it will be good if we pay attention for purchasing of soaps by checking TFM.


               TFM means Total Fatty Matter which represents the quality of soap and always specified in commercial transactions. And it is defined as the total amount of fatty matter, mostly fatty acids. Fatty acids most commonly present in soap are Oleic, Stearic, and Palmetic etc.

               So higher the TFM quantity in soap, better in its quality. There are also some grades according to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). Details of some famous brand soaps are given below with the grades and approximate price in today’s market.


From above table,

Grade 1        :    TFM 76% and above

Grade 2       :    TFM 70% – 75.9%

Grade 3       :    TFM 60% – 69.9%

                Using grade 3 and below, there found many skin problems who experienced it including dry skin. So, friends, awareness of the above will be good if we give values for our health. Try to buy grade 1 and grade 2 soaps. The best quality soaps. Give value for health than money. Thank you!

Reference: wikipwdia, other websites.



6 thoughts on “PROTECT OUR SKIN

    • Sravan JS says:

      It is just a minute part of health awareness. Have more. Just like this we have to understand more. Take this as a threshold.. and thank you for ur comments.


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