Never misunderstand that the one who posting this is not at all a part of our society. Because I have some visions and responsibilities towards it and also still I am completely respectful on our society and culture. I made a lot of friends, persons whom I respect well, my parents, family etc…  All are the part of our society.  I am very happy that I could share time with them who have sensations on their culture whether it is on their speaking, dressings, working or whatever.  So here I just want to clarify that what is happening to our society and to analyze how it changed, how it is now and how it may change further.

                For an instant, let me talk about my friends. Now…  I can tell some of my close friends who have or who made something big (in my point of view) which may leads to a great leap for tomorrow.

Dr. Athul AG: He was my classmate in school days. Now he an Ayurvedic doctor. There is nothing much in him. But the initiative he has taken to plant trees in our locality was something amazing. I personally appreciate him for such a wonderful job. People may think that these are all might be blenders for getting time pass or for having fun in whatsApp or  Facebook as we daily see in the social medias. But He seriously forced many of his friends including me to work with him. I am very thankful to him for these kind of works and also thanks for having me as his friend.

Shireen Rahman : She is from Malappuram district. What I find amazing here is she is the only friend of mine (Girl) who is a part of an Association call ICSAWA (Indian Civil Service Aspirants welfare Association). The name ICSAWA is not only about Civil Service. It has many more other aims and works which yet to be done including free personality development classes, social welfare etc… This is also a good initiation for the society. I am thankful to her too for conducting this and wishing all the best.

I mentioned only two among all of my other friends. Because I well satisfied with these two works. It is enough for me to explain how our society changed, how it changing now and how it may be in the future as I told you in the previous lines.



I have seen in my childhood, how my grandpa was working in the field for cultivating Vegetables, long term farms (Coconut, Araconut, Pepper etc). I have seen farmers who working for planting trees in the fields and yards and I seen people who farming in the field of Rice, Banana, tapioca and many other. So at that young age I was wondering how they do all these kind of works and why they do all these by harming their health as they all were working regardless of the weather conditions.  Gradually I found interests in myself to plant something near my home without knowing why I am doing that. And I remember my first plant was Hibiscus (chembarathi in Malayalam). But now I feel myself wordless pleasure that I was doing something good for the environment. I could plant near 50 plants surrounded by my home with my friends till the date. It includes trees like Mango tree, Cashew nut tree, Jackfruit tree, Mahagani etc. So what I am coming to say is, the days when I was a child, People were aware about their environment, how the life will be without farm, plants, trees etc. They were well aware about their society like how to live. It was a well lesson for me and also who were in my age.  And people know who faced those days, how the climate was, how the weather conditions was. It was something like wordless.  This is why I am very thankful to my friend Dr. Athul who still has the same mentality and caliber for such wonderful works.



I feel youth are the main icons of today’s world. And what I found is, they have the caliber and capacity for everything (please include me). Yet they are busy… don’t know why. Actually from inside we all know the answer but we are unable to express it. I personally, confidently saying that I am not much busy for doing works like roaming with friends in 24 X 7, doing stunts on bikes, wearing jeans till the thighs and showing inners, finding time for taking selfies with sunglasses, sitting with candy crush Saga.  It’s all makes me boring. But however traveling with friends for some occasions makes me happy as we all say ‘entertainment’, having a coffee in the verandah at home in the evening, having time with family. These all helps me for a good sleep at night. You all might get idea about what I am going to say. Yes… Commitment to family relations, commitment to society, commitment to environment, all are going exponentially downward. But up to some limit, it is a relief that all are not in the same track. I have many of such friends. I am happy for that. Giving these exceptions, now a days, I never found a boy or a person who is spending at least an hour to plant or cultivating something. Recently I read a funny statement that ‘ If people came to know that trees give free WiFi, everyone will be busy by planting trees. But for an instant no one thinks that trees give oxygen which gives us LIFE. They want life for animated hero in the games’. Don’t you feel it is true? People changed like that. They don’t want to know what is happening in their surroundings. If some accidents happen in the road, they want to take photos and share in WhatsApp and Facebook. They turn their head from all the basic responsibilities. What more can expect from them? Now the world of youth is completely fashioned, everywhere. Finding a person who watering to the flower plants at homes are very rare, helping friends for unnecessary things rather than helping other who is in need is going common. I taken example of my friend Shireen Rahman because to explain this. She is doing well as much she can. So doing help may irritate you. But soon the result will be sweetest than anything.  I see from my sense that people are more fashioned; forgot primary responsibilities, forgot our society, forgot culture. This may leads to dangerous output in the coming days.


If this goes without a change, suffer will be ours, only ours. One person cannot do anything alone, but he can do things which may be abundant to make changes in others. According to current situations, many are there to encourage, but people listen them with one ear and leave it from the other. As we know how the temperature rises in our localities (please check my last blog: LET’S THINK ABOUT THE FATE OF KERALA DUE TO CLIMATE CHANGES). We all wondered and pay attention about this dangerous situation. But we never thought to do something to resist this. Did we? No.  This is the condition. And this will go on until people realize that trees are the life of ours. Without them we are just dead bodies.



There are nothing more to think about how we can survive the situation. Just plant 1 or 2 tree.  Hardly take 10 minutes. Don’t show that you cannot spend 10 minutes for planting a tree. That will be too horrible. Just think inside “Can’t I plant even 1 tree?” Yes we can, we all can. Just spend 10 minutes. It’s all enough.  This is the way we are going to protect our environment. We have to take it as a challenge or a mission. Think! One among us plant 1 tree and we are aware of our population too. Isn’t it worth full if we could achieve this? We can tell to our friends too to spend a little time for this work from their whole 24 hours.  We must show that we can do something good for our environment.  And don’t feel bad if I am saying this – ‘Making your profile picture or DP of your Facebook and WhatsApp with the plant which you have planted will also looks very nice rather than inserting a freaky photos  all times’. You cannot accept this. But how ever I am not recommending for these. Just plant one tree in a month. So in a year you will be spending 120 minutes (2 hours) only for this. I hope this will not be a big deal for us. Also try to help people who are in need without expecting anything from them. In future, God will pay you for that as something.



  1. Tulasipriya R says:

    The information what ever you have given in this is really good. General awareness to environment. even I will plant a tree from now onwards as much as possible, even I suggest my friends , colleagues, and neighbours to do this. Good work

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kelvin Benny says:

    yes the trend you mentioned about society’s changing perception is right
    but as silver lines in cloud some are there like Atul who is committed to society and nature thank of them
    the vision you have shared about planting trees was suggested by Sree A P J Abdul Kalam Sir that it was good if every child plant trees
    these matters have to be brought into action and society need to think about good changes
    Thanking the endeavour of Atul

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sravan JS says:

      Dear Kelvin Benny,
      You said right! There was a vision for that great person APJ Kalam sir. What my simple stand was, let’s think like him by all of us, and at the end we can do wonders if each and every one of us atleast plant a tree for our good tomorrow. Hope u too will be in the track beyond words. Be a part of it. Thank you


  3. Bhavyashree says:

    This information is very good to know about our society and creating general awareness about our culture and environment. It is a great work what your friends are doing I appreciate for that.we can also do something to the society with good services.

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sravan JS says:

      Dear Bhavyashree,
      Thank you for you comment. We have to think with a forwareded mind such that the considerations for future has to be done efficiently. We are responsible for todays output about what we get from the society and environment. So we need to leave a notable point in this world that we could do something better for our society. Hope my views on the blog may come in to practical if we done with a respectful approach to the society and public. thank you.


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