Extreme summer heat affects the life of Keralites very badly and acute shortage for drinking water is the most serious problem, now a days, in most districts including the coastal districts.

The average temperature across the state has now increased to 39 degree Celsius and extremely hot climate is prevalent in districts like Thrissur and Palakkad. The temperature is above 40 degree Celsius in these districts and in some spots it is 42 degree Celsius. At Mundoor, in Thrissur district, daily temperature recorded a highest of 41 degree Celsius on Saturday. Last year, this was 40 degree Celsius.

According to Meteorological Scientists this is for the first time that the daily temperature crossing 40 degree Celsius in the month of March. According to India Meteorological Department, significant change in the temperature level over many parts of India is not expected and temperature would rise by 2-4°C during the first week of April.

The department’s latest report said that in Kerala day time temperature is above the normal [AN] level in this season and some days during last week the heat toll is appreciably above the normal [AAN] level. Along with this, the rising mercury level of the poll campaign adds to the worries of the common voters.

The Kerala Labour Department has changed the timings of day time outside workers and as per the latest instructions during 12 noon to 3 pm labourers should be given rest. The working time should be fixed eight hours in between 7 am and 6 pm giving rest for three hours during the noon, when the daily temperature is at its peak.

The department had taken this decision as sun stroke to workers was reported at various places of the state. Due to the hottest summer season, there is acute shortage for drinking water as most of the ponds, wells and water sources, including small rivers are dried up.

Drinking water business is brisk in all major towns as even households depend on drinking water distributing agencies for clean water. The case of hotels in cities like Kochi is more pathetic and a section of the hotels were closed due to scarcity for water.

Issue of water crisis and climate changes in our society already started hitting us very badly. And it will be a biggest question mark for coming day life if this continue. So taking appropriate precautions and finding possible solutions for this is necessary. So rather than thinking about problems, think about the solution. “WHAT I CAN DO FOR THIS?” this should be the question now for all of us. And the result of this question might give an ultimate solutions. So friends, I’ll be sharing some of my ideas in my upcoming posts. You may also have your own ideas. Don’t hesitate to share with me. Below my post, you can see comment box. You can share your comments about the blog and your ideas too. Please check for my new posts for the coming days. Have a nice day.

Thank you !



  1. kelvin benny says:

    The article is highlighting a pathetic condition of climate change in kerala. As i am from kerala i can say that the facts has been rightly said
    what kerala suffers now is due to reckless treatment of nature and water resources by the society for short term profit there is wide abuse of nature without considering about next generation. Kerala to combat water crisis must protect ponds and water sources from further encroachment it has to be handled to agencies like kudumbasree which has good professionalism also pollution of water and scientific waste management necessity must be read related to it. still kerala can combat it its time for adopting a new thinking pattern and action

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sravan JS says:

      Dear Kelvin,
      Thank you very much for your valuable points. In my personal views Community like Kudumbashree are just not enough for us for the current scinario. They are already taken a nice initiative regarding this. Other than agencies and communnities, we have to look forward about what we can do in our surrounding such as our home. If people’s mentality changes, then only we can expecct the worthful results from it. However I’ll be posting some of my ideas regarding this soon. Thank you.


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